About Espace multimedia gantner


[vimeo]http://vimeo.com/12977198[/vimeo]Created by the village of Bourogne, managed by the departmental library of Le Conseil Général du Territoire de Belfort, l’Espace multimedia gantner is devoted to multimedia and digital culture, and to increasing awareness of contemporary art.

Providing access to culture and knowledge, it is:

-a place for training

-a place for expression and creation, concerts, exhibitions, performances, meetings, readings and artist residences every year.

-30 multimedia workstations with free internet access

Documentary resources

Since November 2006, you can find many documentary resources specially devoted to the arts and to New Technologies.

This resource offers about 9000 references classified according to three main themes: Arts, Society and Multimedia. In the Arts section, there is a wide choice of audio CDs, CR-ROMs and artists’ monographies and critical and theoretical writings on the arts, sound, image and digital art. The Society section houses a collection of classical works in human sciences and documents relating to the history of sciences and new technologies. The Multimedia section offers a wide range of technical resources and CD-ROMs regarding this theme

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